Royal Romanian Air Force

The Royal Romanian Air Force (Romanian: Forţele Aeriene Române, FARR), or simply Forţele Aeriene Române (Romanian Air Force) is the air arm of the Royal Romanian Armed Forces and provides support to land forces, carrying out reconnaissance missions, and mounting air raids between other missions in all combat fronts. The royal Romanian air force is the third country in the central alliance organization that is capable, in producing their on aircraft something Romania regards as imported to stay independent of the German Empire, but they also fly aircraft from Germany and Italy, as well as captured enemy aircraft.

Royal Romanian Royal Air Force order of battle as of February 1948

The Royal Romanian Air Force is made up of the 1st Air Corps, 2nd Air Corps and the 3rd Air Corps which includes several German squadrons operating under Romanian control.

Fighter Units

1st Fighter Group , 2nd Fighter Group , 3rd Fighter Group , 4th Fighter Group , 5th Fighter Group , 6th Fighter Group , 7th Fighter Group , 8th Fighter Group , 9th Fighter Group and the 53rd Fighter Squadron.

1st Night Fighter Squadron and the 2nd Night Fighter Squadron

Bomber Units

1st Bomber Group , 2nd Bomber Group , 3rd Bomber / Dive Bomber Group , 4th Bomber Group , 5th Bomber Group , 6th Bomber/Dive Bomber Group , 8th Assault Group , 18th Light Bomber Squadron and the 82nd Bomber Squadron.

Reconnaissance Units

1st Long Range Recon Group includes the 1st Long Range Recon Squadron, 2nd Long Range Recon Squadron, 3rd Long Range Recon Squadron and 4th Long Range Recon Squadron.

1st Guard Group and the 2nd Guard Group.

11th Observation Squadron, 12th Observation Squadron, 13th Observation Squadron, 14th Observation Squadron, 15th Observation Squadron, 16th Observation Squadron, 17th Observation Squadron, 19th Observation Squadron, 20th Observation Squadron, 21st Observation Squadron and the 22nd Observation Squadron.

Seaplane Units

101st Seaplane Squadron and the 102nd Seaplane Squadron.

Transport Units

1st Air Transport Group includes the 105th Transport Squadron, 106th Transport Squadron, 107th Transport Squadron, 108th Medevac Light Transport Squadron, 109th Glider Transport Squadron and the 110th Air Transport Squadron.

Liaison Units

111th Liaison Squadron, 112th Liaison Squadron, 113th Liaison Squadron, 114th Liaison Squadron, 115th Liaison Squadron and the 116th Liaison Squadron.

Airplanes in use with the Royal Romanian Air Force as of February 1948

Messerschmitt Bf 109, a German fighter of with 50 E-3/4s, 19 E-7s, two F-2s, five F-4s and at least 235+ G-2/G-4/G-6/-8s plus 75 IAR built 109G-6a served in the Royal Romanian Air Force before being slowly being phased out from 1944 in favor of the newer FW-190 and FW-200.

IAR-80, a Romania designed and build fighter of which more than 170 where build in two versions from 1941 to 1942.

IAR-81, latest version of the IAR fighters being built in Romania , with more than 200 have been built until 1945 when production stopped but with many still in service as of February 1948.

IAR-82 , when the IAR-81 production stopped in 1945 , the Royal Romanian Air Force wanted the Industria Aeronautică Română who build the IAR-80 and 81 models to design a new plane to replace the older IAR models ,this resulted in 1946 in the IAR-82 who uses many lesson learned including a licenses German BMW 801 engine which is also used in the FW-190 fighter and allows the IAR-82 to reach a maximum speed of at least 600 km/h (373 mph) , more than 60 have been build sins February 1948.

FW-190, the FW-190 replaced the BF-109E3/4/7 planes in 1944, when 140 where bought from the German Empire and as of February 1948, more than 60 still remain in services.

FW-200, more than 50 of these fighter planes are still in service as of February 1948.

S-79B and JRS-79B/1/2, a medium bomber of which 24 were bought from Italy in 1938 and who entered service as the S-79B. In 1941 Romania began licenses production whit a total of 36 being build and who entered service as the JRS-79B/1 whit production ended in 1946, latter a new version the JRS-79B/2 entered production whit a total of 12 where build to replace the losses suffered by the S-79B and JRS-79B/1, more than 63 of all three types are in services as of February 1948.

He-111 , more than 12 He-111 H-6 are in service of the 58 who were bought from 1940 onwards whit the 78th Marine Bomber Squadron as of February 1948.

Ju-87, a dive bomber whit twenty-four in service whit the Royal Romanian Air Force as of February 1948.

JU-88A4, a bomber in the Royal Romanian Air Force which operates 57 as of February 1948.

HS-129B2/B3, a ground attack aircraft whit 18 still in service as of February 1948.

HE-114B2/C1 , a reconnaissance seaplane with twenty-four in service as of February 1948 where they are used for antisubmarine patrols, convoy escort and shore reconnaissance.